Cambodia - a beguiling and rewarding country that offers truly memorable experiences, from awe-inspiring temples and colonial heritage to lush mountains, spectacular scenery and exquisite beaches. Step into a realm of serene sanctity with My World in Style.


One of prime historical sites in all of South East Asia, is the Angkor Wat complex of temples built between the 9th and 13th Centuries. Hundreds of temples make up the complex that was the centre of the Khmer Empire and were lost to the jungle for centuries until being rediscovered in the 19th Century. They bewitch and enchant travellers to this day.
The capital Phnom Penh features bustling cafes, colonial architecture, and colourful markets. Cruising the Mekong between Cambodia and Vietnam is a memorable way of discovering the region from a different perspective and visiting areas otherwise unreachable. While the white sand beaches of Sihanoukville lend an easy tropical charm, with its palm-fringed beaches and nearby islands set adrift in the bay.


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